I’m 25 now

I’m 25 now. Not rich yet. Finished college with a bachelors in business administration and am hardly scraping by with web development work. I’ve been in California living with my older brother for about 2.5 months now. 

Thinking about my situation makes me feel like shit. Not much money, hardly any coming in, although I work a lot. I’ve not been charging like I should which is why. But the referrals trickle in and it seems to be moving forward again. I have to spend time marketing myself on a continual basis on upWork and even on other non-freelance places to get more high quality business. 

My site fitness site still isn’t done. I changed 3 times before once again being set back by having to learn Angular. It feels like a perpetual setback and I wonder if my strategy is worth continuing. Three years from now, where will I be? If I keep doing what I’m doing and do all the right things I’ll be good to go. 

I notice all this negativity and I must find a way to transform it in to passion again. It is that way because I’m not clear on my goals and objectives and strategies. I’m a mishmash right now. 

So let’s see..

My stress comes from a lack of focus…

So let’s correct that…

If I put 100% of my effort into freelance web development, can I make more money faster? Yes. Can I maybe hit $5k/mo within 2 months? Probably. How can I do that? What is needed for that? 

Two strategies: 

1. Do the work myself

2. Do the marketing exclusively and pay someone to do the work. 

I want to pay someone to do the work and sell the rest myself. This is what I’ll do. 

Find two or three freelancers who can do the services I need and have them aware I want to send them work. Then do all the marketing to find clients to pay fixed prices for website projects and services. 

This is what I’ll do. Goal is to make a profit of $10k per month by December. 

With the money I make from this I can pay someone to build the fitness site for me. 


Planning in Reality

i remembered today that I had t been doing the specific things that need doing quickly because I hadn’t been writing them down and scheduling time to do them. I addition to scheduling rituals to high reward activities in the morning and weekends, a key part of getting things done is making the items that need doing part of reality by tying a specific time for it to be done.

A way to reduce stress is to consciously decide to TRUST your scheduling system. You can do everything that needs doing over time if you’re scheduled times for doing things. A todo list should basically live in a calendar if those items take more than 2 minutes to do.


Tony Robbins 30 Day Challenge

I learned something from Tony today after deciding to pick up his 30 Get the Edge Program.

That recording the things that I’ve learned helps me not only remember those lessons but also gives me something to reflect back on to. I maintain another journal about picking up girls, and I learned from that journal that when i forgot what was working I can refer back to the times things WERE working to see what I was doing. And this helps like crazy because I’m teaching myself.

Lessons, ideas, aspirations, goals…etc these things only exist for as long as our memory allows. So it’s important to establish SYSTEMS that support these ideas to keep them fresh in my mind. I’ve always known that success rituals are important to have but I just didn’t use one after a while. Once I got into school I began to let go of them because school isn’t exactly the thing that creates immediate wealth for me.

But.. fuck that. I created a simple one for myself to look at every morning now. It’s very basic and looks like this:

  • Make my bed
  • Visualize Overall Goals – Get Passionate
  • Plan specific daily outcomes
  • Take action immediately.

During my lunch time I’ll use that time to invest about 1 hour into myself in terms of self development. Something that relates to what I’m doing that will help me perform better.

Aside from daily success rituals I also realized that I want to be passionate every day. Like, I don’t want to resent my work. Instead, specifically, I want to be obsessed with my work. I want to feel like I’m at play. So the way to do that is to go to work on my situation as well as my ideas around the things I do, or CHANGE what I’m doing. Right now it’s school, so I have to figure out how to find something in my studies that will trigger passion in me.

Which leads me to another point…

I have to credit Mark Cuban for this one. It’s a big one.. Win that battles you’re in. DON’T spread your resources too thin.

After going to Landmark I realized that I’d been spreading myself too thing by taking on too many projects. School. Weight Training. App Development. Freelance Web Development. All at once. It wasn’t do-able without a massive amount of constant stress and scrambling. Living by an extremely tight calendar isn’t natural for my brain and body. Working my brain for 12 hours days doesn’t last for very long either. This is a great way to get burnt out.

So I’m learning now that the key to consistency is keep the stress level lower, and winning at fewer battles at once. I stopped working on my app. Let my body get a little flabby. Stopped taking freelance clients for the extra couple hundred bucks a month… I do only 2 things now. School and work 1-2 hours a day for my good friend Travis. Stress level is lower than it’s ever been. My hair grows thicker again. The wrinkles around my eyes are gone mostly. And I’m getting decent grades in my 4 night classes. I also took out a huge $10,000 loan that I’m using as a cushion in case I have some emergency like I lose my job, my car or laptop breaks…etc I’ll still have money to make it in PEACE until graduation next semester.

An area of my life right now relevant to my performance which I want to improve is focusing on school better.

This is what works for studying for me:

  • Block off a good 5 hours to study hard
  • Turn off all communications. Cell. Skype. Email apps..etc
  • Lock the door, hide in the library..etc

Then just go HAM on work. Oh, can’t forget to NEVER open facebook. That’s like a vortex that sucks me down like quicksand that I can’t allow myself to get into. 5 minutes go here and there and it adds up over a week to a few hours. Not good.

What I’m going to do now is set simple small goals for all my tasks and try to acheive them. By keeping these mirco outcomes in mind I’ll be able to focus my mind and resist facebook, hopefully. So lets see how that goes. The goal being to complete more with in less time and become 100% free of facebook and social media.




How to Make Millions – The Math

It’s pretty simple. Mathematics don’t lie. And this little formula will show you something that should amaze you. I don’t think that I’ll need to cover the “commandments of wealth” with you. That’s because this may make the ‘click’ automatic. It’s common sense really. With a little knowledge the rest of the peices fall into place. As soon as you see this you’ll think “ok, great. Now exactly what do I do to MAXIMIZE these numbers in the shortest time possible?” Well, I’ve got a few ideas on that so I’ll go over those as well.

Recurring Customers = 1

Spend per Cusomter = 10

Number of Customers = 100

Profit = $1000

Because Recurring customers X Spend per Customer X Number of Customers = Profit/ Revenue

What happens if you’re able to triple each element of this equation? Lets take a look.

Recurring Customers = 3 (customers comes back 3 times per year for example)

Spend per Customer = $30 (Customer spends $30 each visit instead of $10)

Number of Customers = 300

Profit = $27,000

Big difference, eh?


Now… exactly what are some ways to increase each element as fast as possible? Here are some of the ways I came up with.

Recurring Customers – This is when a customer comes back to you again and again. The best way possible in a competitive industry is to exceed the customers expectations in service. That is, when they call in to ask a question or have an issue resolved there is NO automated phone crap to press 1 to go here or 13 to go there. Just exceeding their expectations in every way. Going the extra mile for their convenience. Of course, having an excellent product + giving phenomenal customer service is a powerful formula for recurring customers. It’s pretty common sense.

Spend Per Customer – In this case, you’d want to create ‘back end products’ or consider services with ‘upgrades’. Or you can create new products/services for different needs in the same market.

Number of Customers – This is going to increase, naturally, through you’re phenomenal customer service. People will spread the word about how awesome your product is and how awesome you’re customer service is. Free advertising! Then for extra customers you can study you’re market and begin to formulate a marketing strategy to reach these people and bring them to you. Either through the internet or through billboards or flyers or sponsoring events or press releases or w/e will attract the right large crowd.

And there you have it. Email me when you’re a millionaire. 😉


Two Step Formula For Success

Find a need somewhere and fill it. Forget about the money and focus on giving value. Focus on filling a need, or filling it better than anyone else is or will. This means forget about “what you love to do”. Fuck that. Unless what you love to do fills a need or helps others attain their dreams and desires… you’re wasting you’re time doing what you love.

How do you push yourself to do thing that you don’t want to do in order to fill those needs?

Find a passion. Passion forces you to do things you don’t want to do. It makes you love doing what you don’t want to do. Passion comes in two sources… pain or pleasure. You can use both to fill you’re engine with passion.

An example of pain is having been through an experience of being poor or misfortunate. For me, it’s not having a car at age 21 and constantly having to save every penny. Not being able to have the freedom to go to the clubs and do what I love – pick up women. Having my mother constantly complaining about not having enough money, always stressed out… relying on my unreliable father for anything… not being allowed to use my mother’s car because we can’t afford car insurance.

An example of pleasure is wanting a brand new black Ferrari, having the thrill of driving fast and sitting in such an awesome, beautiful, sexy car. Being able to go to the beach and meet women whenever I want to. To buy the clothing I want to, travel wherever I want to whenever I want to. Not rely on an alarm clock. Have my own apartment by the beach. See people writing me thank you’s for the valuable information I’ve given them for free and for a small price. Changing people’s lives for the better… making a difference.

Envisioning these two things every morning and every night push me to keep working hard to do what I don’t really want to do, so that I can earn a hefty living to have the freedom I desire.



Turbocharging Inspiration and Motivation

I got this from John Reese: It’s called the Action To Aquire Method.

Recently I decided on something that I REALLY want. And I’ve got this fire under my ass that’s sending my brain on hyper speed to figure out how to make the money I need ASAP to get it.

This is literally a tool John talks about that I can use to stimulate my imagination and drive to produce! Now I’m experiencing the power of the ATAM! Chea, baby.

I havn’t felt this driven in a long time, and it’ll be sustained until I get what I want. Then it’ll be time to set a new goal, build upon already established assets, and make my online business grow every time I find that goal that pushes me to ACTION.

Yes. This is good stuff. It’s natural and it’s awesome.

For some reason I couldn’t place a link to John’s money mindset course. =(


Finding Direction In Life

Have you ever felt that helpless feeling that you’re heading nowhere in life? That feeling that comes from knowing that all you’re efforts are being spent like riding hard on a stationary bike instead of hitting the rubber and going somewhere…

I know how that feels.

How do you get rid of it? How do you find direction? Simple.

So simple that you might even dismiss it as you read it. Here it is: Have a goal.

And I’m talking about using you’re dreams to create you’re goal. Thinking about it in terms of how you’re going to get there. And writing everything down.

The more you think about the end result of you’re goal… the dream you’re after… and the more you create a plan and start following it… all of a sudden you life if is filled with purpose, direction and meaning.

Its important to write you’re goals down and read them every day. Write them down. Think about them night and day. Rehearse exactly how you’re going to reach it in you’re mind, and work that plan each day. If you ever make excuses about why you can’t do something it’s simply because you don’t want it badly enough. And if you don’t want it badly enough it’s probably because you don’t have 1 set goal and one set strategy.

How to set a strategy in motion?

  1. Declare you’re objective
  2. Outline you’re strategy in it’s main components
  3. Define strategy steps
  4. Create a time table for how long it will take to completion
  5. Execute
It’s easier said than done. I know. Just do it. Fail miserably, win gloriously.



Revolutionary Goal Setting

No, this isn’t you’re hokey ‘secret’ type of rhetoric.

This is something I picked up from David Allen, author of “Getting things done“. Probably one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’ve got to hand it to David. He’s a HUGE reason I aced chemistry and why I’ll be able to be pretty chill when shit hits the fan.

Something he talks about is goal setting.

Basically, you’ve got to ‘see’ how you’re outcome will turn out. You’ve got to know exactly what the physical result of your work will produce.

Something happens to our brains when that happens. All of a sudden the next step our brains take is to figure out how to actualize that vision. All of a sudden the brain starts to organize things to do. It starts to define steps. It’s important to capture these steps. And continue to brains storm these ideas out, even if it seems stupid or nonsensical. Don’t correct this process. Edit it later. For the brainstorming part you just want to get all questions and ideas out.

This changes everything for me and I never plan something without first knowing exactly what my physical outcome is going to be. And I purposely think 10 times as big as my initial vision. That’s just part of my own strategy to ensure I’m going to maximize my success. I’ve got big goals so I need big plans and big ideas.

Anyways, If anything ever seems unclear in what you’re doing, you’ve got to go back and clear up the higher levels of you’re planning.

It’s only when you’ve covered everything that the next steps present themselves with ease.

Have you ever felt like you just don’t know what to do next? Like you’re lost, foggy minded, feeling incertain? Well don’t just do some “power stance” like Tony Robbins says. That’s not going to magically give you a plan and make up for the lack of brainstorming.

I once listened to Donald Trump give a talk on success. he said “be thorough!” I’ve made the mistake of thinking I can quickly plan something out and make it a success. Well, if I’ve got big plans I’ve got to plan thoroughly.

Eban Pagan calls it “developing your foundation”. His metaphor is to think about how skyscrapers a built. Did you know that those two GIANT towers in dubai.. I forget what they are called… have a foundation of over 400 feet UNDERNEATH the ground?

Did you know that some types of bamboo first spend something like 4-10 years growing root systems before they sprout. And when they sprout they grow up to 2 feet PER DAY?

This is the power of having a strong solid foundation. So be thorough. if you want to get to the top you’ve got to have a strong foundation. Without that you’ve got nothing. It’s necessary. If that skyscraper weren’t built on a solid deeeeeeep foundation the top would fall over with ease.

Do you want to crash? Me neither. So be thorough, plan, and build your foundation.


Found a role model

My aim right now is to build a community.

It’s funny how I’ve been schooled in the Tony Robbins way about the power and importance of ‘giving value’. Yet it’s a little bit difficult to push myself to the point of simply forgetting about making some money. That way I can focus on helping. Giving. Doing something of value to my market, my people, my tribe.

Someone who I heard about a small while ago, named Tim Ferris, opened my eyes when I ran into his blog yesterday. I clicked the “disclaimer section” and he said “This blog is not primarily financially driven. I put it up in 2007 to build a community and learn from all you smart people.”

Since then he’s led a very adventurous life, done a lot of good by building school in remote places, and made a lot of money as well.

This idea, this lifestyle, the purpose… to give value to the world. It’s so important. I mean damn, that’s what makes the world a better place. It’s what makes some people rich, some people leaders, some people rise to the top in some way, gain respect, and it’s what causes so many people to miss you and love you while you’re here and when you’re gone.

I want to do this exercise. This ‘starting with the end in mind’ thing. It’s one of the most powerful things I’v ever done and I”ll do it again, this time I’m going to go to the extreme with it.

Imagin your funeral. Who will be there? What will they say about you? What would you want them to say about you? What will you leave behind in memory?

It seems that love is always the main thing people want to be remembered for the most.



Building a Legit Online Business

I’m no guru… and I’ve yet to actually do this successfully… or even attempt to. But I am not that I realize how important it is. I’ve rid myself from the “get rich quick” bullshit I latched on to for so long… so this post will mostly be me just free writing on what I think needs to be understood and how to make it possible.

Building assets

Assets look like this

You, your market, your marketing, your people and your systems.

Yes, I got this from a seminar I saw. But each of these things needs to be developed simultaneously in order for a business to work smoothly.

I think there is one thing missing. But it may just be a subhead of ‘marketing’. And that’s market leadership.

The most important asset that must be built is your following. This translates into your leadership. The bigger following you have, and the more loyal the following, the more of a market leader you are.

This must be developed in time. And it requires patients. The process to becoming a market leader does not earn you money. But it is something that does grow in potential value.

I’ve got to grow in value to translate that value into money in the future.

Some other assets include my own knowledge. This will help me with helping others and giving valuable information.

Writing articles and sharing them is another asset that I can grow

Followers on twitter, ‘likes’ on facebook, subscriptions to my RSS feed, all these things contribute to my growing market leadership.

When the market is influenced by what I say, and I know their needs intimately, I can then build something for them and offer it to them. Something worth more money that the price I”m asking they pay for it.

What are some of the ways I can build my market leadership?

Forums, Twitter, facebook, my home blog.

I’ll focus on these first and foremost for now.

With time, another asset, my blog, will grow in value as well. Websites are worth about 10 times their monthly income. With plenty of traffic to my blog and so much market leadership, some day I can simply sell the site and invest the money into either a new blog, or into some kind of bond that will pay me dividends till the day I die. OR I can invest the money into a new website that isn’t a blog, but has the potential to solve a problem for hundreds of millions of people. Luckily websites are MUCH cheaper than brick and mortar businesses and I can operate with my laptop from a cafe with wifi in London, France, Afganistan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, The Virgin Islands…. or I can just be on my Android at the autoshop buying a Ferrari F320.


This gets me excited.

I’m off to start building this thang.